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Huacaya Alpacas breeding Stock

Open (Female)

High End
AOA# 36011452  DOB: 5/11/2022  (2 yrs)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Unproven | True Black | 3/4 Peruvian
Sire: Snowmass Matrix Midnight
Dam: My Peruvian Black Essence

This girl is a keeper. Essential Spice (Espi) is a gorgeous true black female. She is square, dense, fine, and a solid true black color all wrapped up in a buttery shine-filled package. Distingu...


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Advanced Fleece
AOA# 36043033  DOB: 8/6/2023  (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Unproven | True Black | 5/8 Peruvian, 1/8 Bolivian
Sire: DG Exodus
Dam: Blue Ridge Rose Gold

Paloma is our first Exodus offspring. Besides being beautiful, this female has advanced fleece! She carries a highly organized dense fine fleece that separates into pencil bundles. She is a sweethe...


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AOA# 32805079  DOB: 5/31/2014  (10 yrs)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Proven | Bay Black | Full Peruvian
Dam: R'AlpacaLand's Peruvian McKala

McKenzi is the dam of our Judge's Choice winner, Quintessential! McKenzi combines one of our finest females with one of the most sought after sires in the country. This female does not disappoint. ...

AOA# 35237976  DOB: 7/6/2015  (9 yrs)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Proven | True Black | Full Peruvian
Sire: PHA Accoyo Impeccable
Dam: BlueRidge Peruvian Silhouette
Service Sire: Blue Ridge Tokyo Smoke

Eddy (Special Edition) combines impressive Accoyo and colored bloodlines. The names behind her are the cornerstone of most prepotent alpacas in the industry. On her sire's side, we find El Nino, Ac...

Judge's Choice Kodiak female!
AOA# 35522089  DOB: 8/20/2019  (4 yrs)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Proven | True Black | Full Peruvian
Sire: AVC AJ's Kodiak
Dam: Blue Ridge Peruvian McKenzi
Service Sire: Mr Alejandro

Every once in a while, you are blessed with a special cria. Quinn is one of those for us. This female is sweet. She is gorgeous. Quinn is the picture of what I imagine when breeding Kodiak. She is a f...

Outstanding Lavender Grey!
AOA# 35522072  DOB: 7/13/2019  (5 yrs)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Proven | Medium Silver Grey | 3/4 Peruvian, 1/4 Chilean
Sire: Michelangelo's Awakening
Dam: JLFA Revelation's Peruvian Cande
Service Sire: DG Exodus

We hit the jackpot with our pairing of Cande and Awakening with this female. This female is a beauty with her black-painted eyes. She is a solid seed stock female with perfect conformation and bit...

The Sky's the Limit with this female!
AOA# 36043019  DOB: 5/21/2020  (4 yrs)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Proven | Medium Fawn
Sire: Snowmass Best in Velvet
Dam: Snowmass Royal Mistress
Service Sire: Granite Bay Jet Blue XX

We are excited to add this multi-color champion female to our herd. This Velvetina is "The total package." She is super uniform, dense, fine, and gorgeous! Velvetina delivered a true black fema...

4X Champion Sakima Daughter
AOA# 35575757  DOB: 6/29/2019  (5 yrs)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Proven | Bay Black

Barcelona Beauty has a strong black heritage with top Snowmass and Patagonia genetics. Barcelona Beauty is a gorgeous multi-color champion. Barcelona Beauty's sire is 6x Black Color Champion, Patag...

AOA# 36178889  DOB: 8/26/2022  (1 yr)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Unproven | True Black | Full Peruvian
Sire: AVC AJ's Kodiak
Dam: Blue Ridge Peruvian McKenzi

All I can say about Quinn's full sister, except that she doesn't disappoint. This girl is true black, well-conformed, and phenotypically gorgeous. Portia's genotype testing indicates that her MC...

AOA# 36011445  DOB: 6/11/2022  (2 yrs)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Unproven | Medium Brown | 3/4 Peruvian
Sire: AVC AJ's Kodiak
Dam: Black Hill's Castilleta

Xpresso joins a long line of show-winning family members. This little one decided to enter the world on our daughter's wedding day. She didn't require any assistance. Xpresso has been a joy to ...

Exceptional Female!
AOA# 31603812  DOB: 6/5/2009  (15 yrs)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Proven | True Black | Full Peruvian
Sire: MFI Peruvian Etched Ice
Dam: MFI Brilliance
Service Sire: Wolfgang of SkyFiber

Black Etchings is a gorgeous true black female. She is square and straight with total coverage. Her sire is MFI Peruvian Etched Ice whose sire is Accoyo Titan with Accoyo Elite as her grandsire. Her ...


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Black breeding program seed stock
AOA# 36011568  DOB: 7/27/2022  (1 yr)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Unproven | Bay Black | 7/8 Peruvian, 1/8 Bolivian
Dam:  RJ

Rouxx is an exceptional black female. This girl is a beauty with every quality we look for in a foundation female and competitor. Rouxx is confirmed BVDV negative. ...


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One Special Female
AOA# 36043064  DOB: 9/13/2023  (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Unproven | Medium Fawn | 1/2 Peruvian, 1/8 Bolivian
Sire: Amber Autumn Kodiak
Dam: Paleezu

Yasmina is a special female. She is phenotypically beautiful, square, covered with buttery fleece on a strong frame. Her fleece is highly organized across her body and from base to tip. Yasmina's...

What's not to love!
AOA# 35525684  DOB: 5/15/2023  (1 yr)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Unproven | True Black
Sire: Granite Bay Jet Blue XX
Dam: Coffee Pot Velvet's Velvetina

Yohanna is our first Jet Blue and our first Velvetina cria. This female has it all! She is beautiful, completely covered with insane fleece that is dense. Her square frame stands on large bone stru...


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Solid Seed Stock Female
AOA# 35142966  DOB: 10/5/2014  (9 yrs)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Proven | Bay Black | 1/2 Peruvian, 1/4 Bolivian
Sire: Jeremiah's Quatrain
Dam: Challenger's Silver Kalliope

Paleezu is a beauty! She stands squarely on her compact frame with large bone structure. Her phenotype is insane! She has a full helmet with unsurpassed density. Paleezu has an agreeable personality...

Bred (Female)

AOA# 36115198  DOB: 7/4/2021  (3 yrs)
Huacaya | Bred (Female) | Unproven | Beige | 1/2 Peruvian
Sire: Snowmass Magic Smoke
Dam: R Creek's Paso's Belle

Belle is a beautiful beige female who's got the "it" factor when it comes to phenotype, conformation, fleece characteristics, and personality. We're excited to see what the future hold for this femal...

Multi Champion
AOA# 32771244  DOB: 5/5/2017  (7 yrs)
Huacaya | Bred (Female) | Proven | Dark Brown | Full Peruvian
Sire: PHA Accoyo Impeccable
Dam: OLAA Ventura's Midnight Lace
Service Sire: Mr Alejandro

Jade is a multi-champion from a long line of champions. We are thrilled to add this gorgeous maroon female to our foundation herd. As we strive to better our breeding program, we look to add females...

Blue Black
AOA# 35415336  DOB: 8/26/2021  (2 yrs)
Huacaya | Bred (Female) | Unproven | True Black | 1/2 Peruvian, 1/4 Bolivian
Sire: A and A & MFI Quixotic
Dam: Skyfiber's Caitriona
Service Sire: Granite Bay Jet Blue XX

Carina is a beauty in black. The lineage behind this girl is intriguing. We especially like the heavy emphasis on the prepotent color-producing champions throughout her background. When she showed t...

Bay Black Beauty
AOA# 32806717  DOB: 8/31/2015  (8 yrs)
Huacaya | Bred (Female) | Proven | Bay Black | Full Peruvian
Dam: Snowmass Royal Mistress
Service Sire: JLFA Millenium's Peruvian Ventura

Qondoleeza has proven to be a valuable foundation female. She conceives easily, delivers unassisted, and nurses her cria with an abundance of rich milk. This girl is easy, and easy cannot be overrat...




Kodiak TB male
AOA# 36178872  DOB: 7/28/2023  (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya | Male | Unproven | True Black | 3/4 Peruvian
Sire: AVC AJ's Kodiak
Dam: Qondoleeza

MGM is a phenotypically pleasing TB Kodiak male. This macho has developed into a compact, square male with large straight strong bone structure. The fleece on MGM is uniform in micron and crimp. ...


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Gorgeous Guy!
AOA# 36011599  DOB: 7/13/2022  (2 yrs)
Huacaya | Male | Unproven | Dark Brown | 7/8 Peruvian, 1/8 Bolivian
Sire: DG Exodus
Dam: R'AlpacaLand's Peruvian McKala

Whiskey River combines McKala and Exodus. Whiskey is our first Exodus offspring. This male is conformationally square with a large bone structure. His fleece carries a high degree of fineness combi...



Total Package!
AOA# 36011544  DOB: 7/3/2022  (2 yrs)
Huacaya | Male | Unproven | Light Fawn | 7/8 Peruvian
Sire: FBF Kahuna's Optimus
Dam: R Creek's Paso Belle

LuckyStrike is a dynamic male with personality plus! LuckyStrike is a handsome male with amazing coverage, phenotype, and fleece! This male combines the best bloodlines from Snowmass and Magical...


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High End Seed Stock
AOA# 36218486  DOB: 7/29/2023  (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya | Male | Unproven | Dark Brown | 3/4 Peruvian
Sire: Wolfgang of SkyFiber
Dam: Jade

Whitsunday has been a standout from birth! His fleece is highly organized and uniform. This is not a surprise given is multi-champion sire and dam. Whitsunday is a compact male with straight stron...


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Herdsire (Male)

Champion Producing Herd sire
AOA# 31370851  DOB: 6/19/2009  (15 yrs)
Huacaya | Herdsire (Male) | Proven | True Black | Full Peruvian
Sire: CPeruvian Axion Jaxon
Dam: AVC 20th Century Fox

Genetic testing on Kodiak indicates that his color genotype is: Ee a1a3 which means that he carries one dilution gene and both alleles are black. Having an a3 allele has proven consistently to produce...

This one is special!
AOA# 35522041  DOB: 5/28/2020  (4 yrs)
Huacaya | Herdsire (Male) | Proven | Bay Black | Full Peruvian
Dam: R'AlpacaLand's Peruvian McKala

Bozeman has been a stand-out from birth. He is the complete package with intense density, uniformity, fineness, and coverage all on a strong square frame. His fleece is exceptional in every way! Bo...



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Winning light silver grey!
AOA# 35522010  DOB: 5/30/2020  (4 yrs)
Huacaya | Herdsire (Male) | Proven | Light Silver Grey | Full Peruvian
Sire: Avalon's Jacob Black
Dam: HHWI Metallica Rose By Goldsmith

This blue-ribbon-winning male is out of multi-champion Jacob Black and multi-champion Metallica. Double Threat brought home a blue from the American Alpaca Showcase. He continues to improve and ho...


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Solid Blue Black
AOA# 36064861  DOB: 6/11/2021  (3 yrs)
Huacaya | Herdsire (Male) | Unproven | True Black | Full Peruvian
Sire: Velvet's Templar
Dam: Blue Ridge Peruvian Special Edition

Love the potential of this Grand Marais. He has an oily jet-black fleece. His density is incredible with skin folds down his neck, his back, and down to the bottom of his belly. As a juvenile, he prod...

One Special Guy!
AOA# 36064908  DOB: 8/3/2021  (2 yrs)
Huacaya | Herdsire (Male) | Proven | Light Rose Grey | 1/4 Peruvian, 3/4 Chilean
Sire: Michelangelo's Awakening
Dam: Tsunami's Storm Cloud

Tokyo Smoke has his first cria on the ground. She is a perfect and beautiful medium silver grey! I am impressed with her density and organization. I am cautiously optimistic for this female. We pla...

Color Champion herd sire
AOA# 35146773  DOB: 7/20/2017  (6 yrs)
Huacaya | Herdsire (Male) | Proven | Dark Fawn | 3/4 Peruvian, 1/4 Bolivian
Sire: Sringtoo Jamahl
Dam: Kahlia Dream

Exodus crias are simply outstanding! He's produced black, more-importantly his offspring are conformationally correct, healthy, well-adjusted and carry exceptional fleece. Exodus won the color cha...


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AOA# 35376507  DOB: 9/24/2018  (5 yrs)
Huacaya | Herdsire (Male) | Proven | True Black
Sire: [CLOSED; NFS] AutumnSun's Black Maelstrom
Dam: Granite Bay Blue XX

This male has amazed us from the start with his gorgeous bright, dense, and highly organized fleece in addition to his beautiful phenotype. Next-gen black! The color genotype for Jet Blue is EEa1a2...

Multi-Champion Producer!
AOA# 31625111  DOB: 6/28/2009  (15 yrs)
Huacaya | Herdsire (Male) | Proven | Medium Fawn | Full Peruvian
Sire: Snowmass Millenium
Dam: Vacara of PVA

Vinnie is available for breeding at Blue Ridge Alpaca Ranch. Vinnie's 2018 histogram at 9 years of age, still has 21.3 MFD, 3.8 SD CV of 17.7, and fibers greater than 30, 2.1%! Check it out! Ven...


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Champion producing Champions
AOA# 32680997  DOB: 8/10/2013  (10 yrs)
Huacaya | Herdsire (Male) | Proven | Dark Brown | 1/2 Peruvian, 1/2 Chilean
Dam: Rolling Thunder's Blueberry Wine

We are thrilled to offer Michelangelo's Awakening as a herd sire. He is an established sire of show winning off-spring who often produces gray. We can generally count on Awakening to infuse his cria...

Introductory Breeding Special
AOA# 3248247  DOB: 9/22/2012  (11 yrs)
Huacaya | Herdsire (Male) | Proven | True Black | 3/4 Peruvian, 1/4 Chilean
Sire: S&L Peruvian Bandito
Dam: NPA Desiree

Alejandro has consistently produced off-spring with extreme fineness and uniformity, which are dark with low AFD and SD, and that have a gorgeous phenotype. Alejandro's genetic testing indicates th...

AOA# 36030781  DOB: 4/7/2020  (4 yrs)
Huacaya | Herdsire (Male) | Proven | True Black | 3/4 Peruvian
Sire: AVC AJ's Kodiak
Dam: Estates Happiness in Harmony

Wolfgang's cria are holding their own in the show ring! We are excited with the consistency that Wolfgang is producing improved fleece, conformation, density, color, and phenotype. Wolfgang is throw...