Blue Ridge Alpaca Ranch, LLC

Breed for Distinction

Welcome to Blue Ridge Alpaca Ranch, LLC

Welcome to Blue Ridge Alpaca Ranch, LLC

Blue Ridge Alpaca Ranch, LLC is family owned and operated. Our farm sits atop beautiful ridges overlooking the Mississippi River, located just east of La Crosse, Wisconsin, right in the middle of "God's Country." Our ranch is a small farm that emphasizes individualized care. We raise alpacas for the enjoyment they bring, their fleece, their sale, tax incentives, and investment potential.

We focus on the development of alpacas of color. Our breeding program concentrates on breeding healthy huacayas with winning genetics, solid conformation and bite, and exceptional fiber qualities.

Bill and I are flexible with financing options. We enjoy this business and are happy to share it with others. We value honesty and integrity. Our ranch welcomes friends and visitors regularly. We invite you to come and get your hands on our animals. We are AOA members.

Feel free to give us a call at (608) 317-9781.